Welcome to FOCCAD

Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD) has its beginning as a youth group that started in 2003. In 2011 FOCCAD was registered with the Office of the Registrar General under the Limited Companies Act, limited by grantee. Moreover, FOCCAD was registered as a national non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2014 under the Trustees Incorporation Act. During the same year, FOCCAD also got registered with the voluntary umbrella border of all NGOs in Malawi, the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA), the government oversight body for NGOs the Non-Governmental Organizations Board (NGO Board), and the Malawi Youth Council.

Our Vision

A healthy and productive community

Our Mission

Alleviation of human suffering from disease, hunger, poverty and social injustice by creating and implementing participatory and sustainable solutions

Theory of Change in Brief

FOCCAD exists to improve health and livelihoods of young adults, women and children.


Bridging the transport and logistics gap between health facilities and communities in hard to reach areas.


Provision of emergency transport and logistical support from communities to health facilities to women, children and young adults for different HIV and AIDS related services and Outreach based service delivery through door to door and community health agents.

Our Strategic Direction

Our approach is bottom-up and holistic, focusing on individual behavior change amongst young people as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for youth led development focusing on health (SRHR) and youth employability.


Our Uniqueness

We deliver grassroots programmes in some of the most hard to reach and under-served areas targeting vulnerable young people, adolescents and children especially young women. Leveraging the impact of all our pro-grams and projects
We are creating a network of young leaders, supporting them to progress in their careers and be champions of youth led development.

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Women, children and young adults accessing HIV testing and counselling every year.


Women, children and young adults accessing HIV medications through the organization every year.


Number of community members who have accessed SRHR education and information.


Number of pregnant mothers provided with emergency transport services.

Team Members

We are governed by a team of board members, a motivated staff and a network of volunteers. Our senior team provides leadership technical expertise that provides a strategic overview of our programmes, and partner management.