Evance : I had all hopes that my life will change.

It is every person’s hopes to have a brighter future in life after higher education, but hopes are fulfilled only if you have proper resources helping in building your hopes, we are talking of school fees, scholastic materials and even support from people helping to fulfill your dreams, most youths in Nkhotakota fails to finish their higher education due to lack of financial support for their academics.

Evance Yohane from mgomba village was one of them, he was a young man who completed his secondary education with good grades that he could have been selected to one of the public universities but he failed even to attempt the university entrance examinations because he couldn’t afford to search for finances to help him with.

It was so pathetic because I had all hopes that my life will change as soon as I will finish my studies from the university but it was contrary from what happed, I had no any support financially so that I could attend the entrance examinations as a result I gave up and I had no any hope  for my future”

FOCCAD introduced free computer lessons with resources from crossroads foundation (furniture, computers and education stationary) which helped the Organization to revamp its youth corner, computer lessons accommodates young people who wants to pursue their studies higher so that they can be self – reliant after obtaining computer skills. Evance was enrolled as one of the computer lessons learners at FOCCAD youth corner, after he was enrolled Evance was not missing classes he made sure all assignments were submitted in time he was one of best learners in their class, after completion of 3 months computer course, Evance secured a job with Partners In Hope (PIH) as a data clerk deployed at Nkhotakota District Hospital .

ICT learners during lessons.

Now Evance is managing to give support to his siblings and other relations from his monthly earnings from his work and he can proudly stand out from the crowd and declare that after he saw himself as helpless man with no hopes who was relying on peace works to get every day upkeep now he is a complete man whom other people are depending on.