Mr Wami Ndala at his unfinished house.

Wami Ndala a married man aged 40 with five children (4 females and a male) is also member of Mpandawadonthi village savings and loans from Village in T/A Mwadzama, Nkhotakota district. 

Being a parent, the burden of taking care of himself and five children was too much since he was not doing anything besides farming and for quite some time Ndala tried VSL which never benefited him in any way. Much as the main focus was on saving the money so that upon sharing he could just lump sum of cash from get his savings but nothing worked for him. He could get the loans from his VSL but its utilization was not efficient as at the end of it he could also struggle to pay back the loan. He explained how his story changed following coaching and mentorship sessions on small scale businesses and loan utilization conducted to his VSL group

“Through coaching and mentorship sessions in financial and business management which given by FOCCAD this year in my VSL group, I was motivated to start a small scale business that in March 2020 I got a loan of 80,000. 00 which I used as follows; MK10, 000.00 was invested in business of buying and selling fish, MK50,000 I bought a bicycle for transport business, I also use the same to transport my Fish to the market and the other MK20,000 I used it to buy and sell vegetables.

From investments made I managed to generate MK 150,000 which I used to mold 8 thousand bricks, pay a builder, buy flames for my house and I also used the money to cultivate winter vegetables and rice from which I have been feed supporting my family with basic needs and I have bought three goats.

To be honest my household has totally improved.I plan to maintain my vegetable garden as it was complementing my selling business at the same time I was getting food from them as my vegetables grew well through the technical support from FOCCAD.

He is expecting to finish his house by December as all the raw materials have already been bought. He is continuing his fish selling and vegetables business so that he can also buy farm inputs for the rain season farming.